Monday, November 25, 2013

Salam Anniversary to PIL

Salam Semua!
How was your weekend?
I really hope that everything went well for you guys , well at least there must be a single thing that makes you smile when you come to think of it kan? :)

Anyway, mine was alright.. time was fairly spent for both family... We had late lunch with my PIL and also BIL... After a cosy mini "bbq" session made by Haffby, we head to Red Wok at Bangi..

What's the occasion ya? Hehe, it was my parents in law's 28th Wedding Anniversary... So, Abah decided to take us out for late lunch.. Dah kata semua orang pun lapar kan, jadi semua orang pun makan dengan happy and jaya nya!

The Restaurant 

The Menu

Thinking what to order.. hehe

Finalising Decission.. :) 

OMG.. these happy kids!

To Both Mama and Abah, 
We wish you Happy 28th Anniversary and May more happiness and lovely years to come for both of you.. May Allah bless both of you 'till Jannah, InshaaAllah! :) 

The Love Birds

May Allah Bless both of you 'till Jannah, inshaaAllah

p/s: thank you Abah n Mama for the delicious and lazatness food! :D and to dearly adik mamat, we wished you were there! nanti kita repeat okeh?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sweet & Candy Fair 2013 @ UIA Gombak

Salam Readers!
Cak kun cak!
I'm back!

Ini cerita last weekend punya al kisah.... We decided to participate as one of the vendors at the Sweet & Candy Fair 2013 at UIA Gombak... Ni adalah hasil perbincangan Haffby and his brother, Hadi... as Hadi nak jual flower bouquets with his friends....

So, gagahkan diri jugak... last week was a truly tiring week for both me and Haffby.. We woke up, off we went to work and came home, and soon after Isya' prayers, we started baking and baking... of course we intended to sell MynnKies :)

Alhamdulillah, with the supports from le parents in law, they suggested to sell Dadih as well as Coconut Jelly :) I must say that my Mom In Law punya recipe for coconut jelly is superb okeh! Bila masuk tekak je rasa macam sejuk je, macam sedap je..hmmm.. *gaya Shasha femes tu cakap kan*

What we gained? much much experience... I must admit that since the SC's Charity Sale, this is the biggest booth sale that I have ever participated for my very first time... Well, as it is stated up there, this fair is mainly for those who are selling sweets, desserts, and etc.. therefore, we are not really looking forward for the income, yet we really strive for experience, to see the market potential of our product...

Blessingly lucky, we had the owner of Heliz Cookies as the vendor next to us... the owner is very friendly, keep motivating us to get more serious in business.. she also shared some tips and ways to be a successful entrepreneur...

I learnt a lot... a lot is referring to a whole lot... and true enough, after that weekend, I started to view things not only as an entrepreneur, but I also view things in the perception of customers/buyers as well...

Therefore, since 2014 is not far neough from now... I guess it's time for me to start take my pen and paper and jot down what are the things to be improved on :)

Syukur, Alhamdulillah :)

Some of our Cookies and Marshmellow

MarsJar.. yums!

Fresh flowers :) 

Opening Ceremony of Sweet & Candy Fair 2013

A Happy Customer she is 

Supporting my new baby, PropnPop

Thank you guys!

Last but not least, the owner of Heliz Cookies 

Monday, November 18, 2013

There are still THINGS that Annoy ME

Assalamualaikum and Hi Readers!
I have been gone for quite some time, tiba tiba rasa macam malas je nak bukak pc/laptop to type.. padahal ada macam macam cerita je nak share, it's just that sekarang ni rasa macam malas berlebihan...

Nyeh. biasa la.. being a woman, you cannot run from your emotional moment kan.. this is referring to THAT particular time of the month kan? :) Haih.... okay, here are some random things that I personally feel annoy me in some way. because I just feel like it's plain rude... hehe! Jadi, to all readers.. after you read this, tolong la reflect and think whether or not you feel the same way as I do? :)

  1. Saya tak suka kalau I senyum kat orang, and then dia boleh besarkan bijik mata macam nak gaduh kan? Aiyo... tolong la.. Senyum, tak perlu kata apa apa! haih! 
  2. Dalam Lift, bila kita dah ada dalam Lift, and then comes a new person and orang tu pulak expect kita yang tekan untuk dia, padahal tak cakap apa apa.. lepas tu tau tau je terus mendengus.. i was like? Dude, ada masalah ke? haihhh... Cakap la... Budi bahasa budaya kita kot!
  3. Bila tengah cari parking kat shopping malls especially, kita ni dah la lambat *padan la muka kan, siapa suruh bangun lambat bagai*.. tengah cari parking, dia ada dua situation tau... First, bila kita dah ikut dia sampai kereta, dia dah letak barang semua, then dia masuk mall balik, tapi takde pun any sign language... haih! Second, bila kita nak masuk parking, tetibe kereta lain potong... amboih kau hengat ni cerita Fast and Furious ke hape haa?
Ahhhaaaa... itu saje la buat masa ni ye.. nanti kalau terlintas lagi, I will surely share with, what say you guys? :D 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Salam Tahun Baru

Assalamualaikum and Hello Gang!
What's up? Yeap, I tau I'm more like playing hide and seek kebelakangan ni... Prefer to be a silent reader from Blog to Blog...

I really hope that it's not too late for me to wish each and every Muslim a very Salam Maal Hijrah... wow, the time flies so fast that it's now new year... so? what have you achieved for this past one year? hm... let me share mine with yours... :)

  • I got married to an amazing guy in the world
  • I resigned from previous company and start working with a new company. However, both companies' working field are truly different from the field that I'm graduated from. :) 
  • I travelled to most of Thailand's state --> Bangkok, Krabi :) 
  • I start going to Gym more often.
  • I start consume Herbalife 
  • I start to think about healthy lifestyle and put effort to practice it.
  • I start my own version of photo booth - which is currently getting lots of responses *positives and motivates, I supposed*
  • I went for a Laparoscopic Surgery to remove my appendicitis. *Don't want to remember how much pain I suffer from it..huhu*
  • I got the chance to learn, develop and get to know my self better as well as a more clearer future undertakings. 
Cewah... amacam? :) okay la tu kan,... and yes, I managed to lose 5 kilos this year... well, those are just things that take place in my life... however, there are just as many things that happened for people around me which I love to share, but I won't be able for me to share and write all here.... teehee.. *amboi macam tamak berleluasa je kat situuu*

Anyway, not to forget, I turned 25, on 25th October 2013. Alhamdulillah, I'm blessed to still have the opportunity to breathe, live,love, learn and laught today..  You know this sayings about A year older makes a person wiser? Ahha, I must agree with it.. 

Since we are now in the new year, perhaps you might have your own resolutions, or perhaps specific targets that you might want to achieve kan? Mind to share? :) I'll share mine soon - still sorting!

These are some photos taken by my colleagues during my 25th Surprise Birthday Celebration by my colleagues. Thank you Allah for the friendship that is built here, and I Love you guys! :)

Terharu  *sob Sob*
They made a cute card!

comel kan kad dia? :) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Au Revoir Kak Yati..

As i'm actually supposed to be updating this blog earlier this morning, there's this mellow and solemn feeling that i'm into now.. I have known Kak Yati approximately just 5 months plus,but the bond that we have between us is more than Manager - Employee, Colleagues but it's more towards sisters...

Knowing her, she's one tough cookie with brilliant brain... It is obvious that I managed to chat with her about things that had happened here in my workplace *even when those days when I haven't joined here yet*, it showed how much passion and effort she had put for when realising any agendas...

But I guess this is just life... the way it should be right? People come and go, but only memories stay.. I must say that yesterday's afternoon was just an afternoon that I can never forget... first, they caught me by surprise with a very sweet surprise belated birthday celebration. Then, there came the farewell..

For an individual who has been giving services for 13 noble years, I bet it's not easy for her to bid farewell..
Definitely, life must go on, but here I am.. the memories of me and this lovely sister of mine won't vanished just like that.. best wishes to you kak Ti..

Thank you for everything :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My First Visit To Tony Roma's

Salam Semua :) 
Ever since I'm admitted in the hospital and menjalankan perintah berkurung atas kemahuan sendiri, I rarely go out, only if to accompany Haffby to go somewhere... haih, ni la jadinya.. kalau dah manja sangat duduk terperuk kat rumah, jadi... simptom malas akan berleluasa... 

Yesterday was the first day that I start to work again,. after 14 days of MC are given by doctor.... Huhu, memang rasa kekok.. nak bercakap pun malu, and the worst part was, I even dah terkurang skill membawa kereta.. *pigidaahhh, cakap macam drifter berjaya di dunia je aku ni kan*... hehe!

Therefore, we went for a lunch kat Tony Roma's... Hmm, dulu tak mampu nak pergi sebab zaman belajar tak main la makan mahal mahal macam ni.. tak student la kan.. paling canggih pun. McDonald's setiap minggu okeh! hahah... 

So, Kak Ani bought these coupons quite a month ago from Group On... and it was a good deal.. semua orang pun nampaknya makan dengan penuh berselera.. yums yums! 

Basically, the lunch session was quiet bukan sebab apa, tapi semua orang tengah enjoy the food... Good to see people enjoy their food kan :) For a first timer like me, apa je nak cakap? Kalau dah makan sedap.. kenyang la :) 

Well, untuk tengok anda semua semakin jealous... sila la scroll the images kat bawah :) 

Duhai Nasib..

I'm back again for more rambles and rumbles for all my humble readers, now that's what we say riddles? eh? bukan daa....

Anyway, this morning... it's just not my kind of morning... that I am suddenly annoyed with things around me and how my morning started...

  • First --> Haffby asked me: "Minyak kereta cukup tak?" dengan confident tahap lulus 10 A1 SPM, cakap "Yes"..
  • Second --> Masuk kereta and tengok minyak is one bar to empty... hado? hish... terpaksa la pergi Petrol Station.... Vroom Vroom Vruuuuuuuummmmmm
  • Third --> Sampai petrol station, nak withdraw duit, tapi the ATM machine is out of service... terbaek di ladang... nasib baik ada extra cash... and yes, nak reload Touch N Go sekali.. but, the cashier said "Sorry la kak... sistem offline".. terbaekk wok!!
  • Fourth --> Dah bayaw dah ni.. nak isi minyak... ahkak pun pergi la ke kereta Haffby balik..nak isi minyak la ni... dengan harapan "Aku awal ke ke tempat kerja hari ni...".. tekan punya tekan minyak, tapi tak kuar... hai? takkan la bayar 40 hengget untuk masukkan angin kat pam minyak ye tak? Dengan gigih nya jalan la balik ke cashier tu cakap dengan sopan "Dik... awat minyak tak keluaq? Dia dok segan ka nak kawan dengan kereta akak?".. Adik tu senyum dan jawap terus "Settle dah kak..".. Ok, aku senyum and terus isi we go... Vrumm Vrummm Vevavummmmm......
  • Fifth --> Sampai je sebelum MEX, tetibe ada Airport Limo ni dengan selamba nya masuk lane tengah tanpa bagi signal and apa lagi. hon kereta pun dirasmikan... pak cik tu boleh buat *dek* je and sambung nyanyi... Takpe, Yasmin ni penyabar orang nya... eh?
  • Sixth --> Paling pantang sangat.... bila kita tengah beratuq kaw kaw masa jam, kereta celah je masuk lane, (sekali lagi tanpa signal), and masa tu kan rasa macam... amboih... mentang mentang bawak Nissan Murano, mu ingek ni jale mu ko? haih... 

Alhamdulillah and syukur sangat yang I'm able to arrive at my workplace safely.. tapi apa je boleh buat? Bawak banyak istighfar ajo :)