Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What is with the title : Mother

Emak, Mak, Mama, Ibu, Mummy, Umi, Bonda - maksud ni semua sama.. Which is a person who carries child for 9 months and changed their lifestyle forever to take care of the child..

I am back.. I thought blogging would be easier for me to express and to jot down memorable experiences here but nahhhh ahhh it's not easy though.. I have respect and salute those blogger moms yang mampu share their tips other than taking care of their children at the same time.. As for ahkak, I have to wait for my ARW to sleep, then only I can bebel here and happens to be that hari ni dia tidur extra nyenyak :p

What I'm about to share here is based on my personal experience... some might have the same and some might have total different experience... so, here goes:

  • Sebelum ada anak, tidur kita memang nyenyak. You put bomb sebelah pun belum tentu terjaga * kena jaga jaga naa.. buatnya suami mintak izin nak kahwin lain tang tidur ke kan..buatnya kalau kita terkata "OK", kan satu hal tu..hahah* BUT, bila dah ada anak.... walaupun you mengantuk macamana pun, bila anak u bunyi EK sikit je, you dah terjaga! :D 
  • Sebelum ada anak, you can take all the time you want in the shower. Kata je nak buat konsert apa pun, nak nyanyi sampai jiran sebelah subscribe youtube channel kau pun boleh kak oii...tapi, bila dah ada anak, kau jangan harap nak mandi selama mungkin bila nanti... haaa, kalau dapat mandi 5 minit tu kira bagus la *tapi, I still wangi okay*
  • Sebelum bergelar seorang mak budak. you tend to scroll instagram account yang jual barang make up, skirt kembang, tudung lilit lip lap lip lop and semua untuk you.. tapi bila dah ada anak, apa lagi... follow ig barang budak je manjang... pastu sibuk berangan nak pakaikan itu ini..untuk ANAK... diri sendiri pikir belakang babe!
  • Kalau dulu sebelum ada anak, nak google semua benda yang merepek binti kerapu... seperti apa gossip terkini kat beautifulnara la, kat siakap keli and all lah... but now when you have a child with you. memanjang google pasal baby... such as "why does my newborn farts a lot", "is it normal for my newborn to poo seldomly" , "is it okay to breastfeed my baby when I'm on medication"..and so on! tak caya? tunggu la nanti kome jadi makkkk! :p
At the moment, macam tu je la kot yang I rasa I ingat untuk share sebab sebenarnya banyak... tapi kita pelan pelan kayuh la dulu ye tak? :D 

Personally, being a mom is beautiful sebab it teaches me to be patience- dalam segala hal.. dari karenah anak, or even people around you yang kadang kadang bagi you perangai seperti nak hempuk je diorang dengan pampers bayi itu... namun, kau akan hanya tersenyum luas sajoooo :D 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey - I thought it was..

Hey there!
Since I am a mom now, most of my priorities are set up to different phase.. in a way, I have another priority to set focus on which is my newborn baby... 

Well, everyone knows that mommies' milk would be the best choice to be given to the baby as it is rich with benefits, I tell ya! From those younger days, I always thought that breastfeeding is easy peasy as the mommies could just offer the boobs the baby and tadaa, that's it... the baby will suck and drink all he wants like nobody's business!

BUT! when it comes to my personal experience, I found that breastfeeding is challenging and really test your patience to see whether or not you are in this or you give up.. my choice was: to try and not to give up! 

I guess the error that I did was to feed my baby with a formula milk plus bottle at a very early age - when he was only 4 days in the world! *however, I am lucky still that I managed to get him drink the colostrum as it it said to be very good for the baby!* 

So, as days went by... It hurts to see that your baby does not want to drink directly from the boobs, seriously ... I know very well mana salahnya, it.s actually my very own fault that I biar je orang bagi anak I formula milk and now, baby ARW is still learning to latch even though he's already a month old..

I am not sure whether this is considered as Relactation or what, but I am not giving up on this.. bukan nya badan kita takde susu, ada je tapi I think he's more satisfied minum straighht from the bottle yang deras je aliran susu kan? Lagipun bila pam and letak dalam botol pun, it's already 2 oz siap jadi member pun puas la minum...

I am currently at my second week trying very hard to produce more and more milk... while doing lots of reading and blog hopping from one to another... I'm proud that some blogger moms are willing to share their tips regarding their breastfeeding journey...

Among my readings, I found many tips and thankful for their tips... antaranya adalah:

  1. Drink plenty of plain and warm water (say the least is 3L per day -- ni pun boleh tolong korang kurus ok)
  2. Healthy Diet (eat healthy meals : fruits, carbo, protein, etc) 
  3. Halba and Habatussauda (to increase more milk)
  4. Susu (well basically, you need susu to produce susu right? :p )
  5. Pam, Pam and Pan (every 2 to 3 hours - MESTI!)
  6. Most importantly, positive thinking .. stay optimism!
I envy those who can feed their babies directly, but at the same time.. they are also my source of inspiration not to give up... hehe, as for this mission.. i have my own mantra.. which is "I can do this, I can. I can produce milk, I can. I want my baby to have exclusive breast milk (EBM), "

Friends, wish me luck as this whole journey of pam and feed are not easy! 

Well, I am thinking to write more... next entry perhaps? :D

By the way, for all the mommies to be out there... perhaps you wanna visit all these blogs for your reference... hey, not only mommies to be, but also for mommies who wished to do Relactation :) come on, together we can! :D

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Salam Semua :)

I promised to reveal the name of my son kan? So, here it is.. meet my sunshine and new hero in my life... his name is Abdul Raqeeb Wildan :)

Abdul Raqeeb - Hamba Allah yang Mengawasi
Wildan - Anak Muda yang tetap muda..

As mentioned in my previous post, my son was born on 14th March, 2015 at 0110am :) Alhamdulillah, he is growing bigger and healthier day by day, inshaaAllah.. Dengan apa yang orang cakap, I guess it's true that babies change people life... and as for me? I'm enjoying every bit of it :D never a second I regretted, but of course.. there's always challenge! will update more inshaaAllah :D