Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Talking seems to sound easy

I tried so hard to sleep but I just can't, YET. So maybe it's best for me to ramble my thoughts here..

Talking or rambling might sound easy and I guess everybody, I mean, mostly. all of us are enjoying conversations, interactions, communication or thibgs that related to those - only with regards good interest and also other purposes.

I find that talking it self has it's own pros and cons. My gudness sake, siapa sangka talking can also make u change ur life? My mom used to say that we have to always be cautious about words that we are about to say to make sure we mind about the sensitivity and also etc la..

The fact is.. If we have the intention to talk, or advise or to share opinion with the of course good intention, it would be a trouble if the other party seemed to be so passive and not "cooperating" perhaps?

So how can we really do this? I guess it's the typical "our" culture that we have to practice which is "SABAR je lah"..

Well, in case if you are thinking to tall to your friend or anybody about something, make sure u know
Ways to do so.. Well, will probably share with you the next entry ya ;)

Seee u soonest, me is very the berry sleepy :)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Le Brother's Wedding : June 2012

As promised, here are the pictures for my bro's wedding..Memang cantik, tak caya? sila lah layan! :D  and gambar ni semua no edit. kalau tak lawa ke ape, diam je k :D

Nikah 15/6/2012 
nervous tu..confirm! :D

Seperti Biasa - gambar tuan punya blog mesti ada laa :D

I dah cakap.. cantik kann :D

kitorang dengan muka gumbirararaaa

Abang sulung saya memang suke intertheframe :D

My mama n bapak :D pretty and handsome kan? :D

Sanding 16/6/2012
Ini dua orang sangat comel!

Thinking who's next! :)

From Australia mereka ni. Thanks for coming cousiesz :D

Bersama Kawan Lama - nama dia Nisha!


Ambik Berkat - ececece :D

Sayang abang mereka semua nii :D

Luckies Luckies with Laki Orang :D

Bertandang 23/6/12
Lanun yang handsome - at photobooth :D

Happy Faces at Photo Booth :D

The cool family yang ikut tema! caya laaa :D

Santek and Encem :D

Antara friends yang sporting


Kawan baik i yang comel!

hihihihi :D

Encik Tunang with Sir Sifi :)

Beuatiful Guests

The Girlfriends :D

Krew Propaganza :D caya lah u olss!

Kengkawan my bro masa dok bangsar dulu.. heheh! semua dah besar bagai dahhh :D

Makcik makcik dan bonda yang tak pernah penat senyummmm :D

Senyum - tak perlu kata apa apa :D

Dia ni Edyson - far tau dia.. from Indonesia :D

Ini kerja tuan punya blog dok tampal mampal :D 

Owner photo booth yang kitorang sewa.. Nama dia Nawal :) baik sangat orang nya.. and she's the owner of Something Borrowed by Nawal

Ni semua kes meroyan :D

Back In Action, 123!

It's been a while since I  bebel tak hengat.. Banyak gila benda nak update.. First thing first, i want to say congratulations to my beloved brother, Zakwan who just wedded his beautiful wife named Alia :) oh my, they are just adorable and meant to be together...

Okay, jangan ditanya penat atau tak untuk handle wedding.. I know I takde la buat banyak benda tapi trust me, memang wedding itu memenatkan.. tak kira la sama ada you pergi weddding ke atau even organising it.. Alhamdulillah, all of us are very cooperative and all the three wedding nights were beautiful :)

Now, I am currently busy doing my 'homework' on my own wedding pulak sebab it's not long 'till mine - *time macam ni la aku dah mula dok berangan nak tukar profession.. ok, lempang je i!*. I am glad that most of my family members can make it to my special day... :) that's the best gift ever :D

Bukan senang tau nak prepare wedding ni...susah gila kot.. Nak carik kain la, nak cari designer la... nak nak pulak duduk around Shah Alam, atau blogger lain dok habaq "S.A" kan, it's not cheap and cost dia kalau nak sebut memang berpeluh tak hengat...

So since I am in the mid of preparing my wedding, jangan berpinar pulak mata kalau I dok update blog pasal  wedding... ini kan sebagai ala ala konsep "Sharing is Care" kan? :D anyway, 'till then.. nanti i post gambar abe I kawen ya? :D

MinMin :D