Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hilang Sementara, Bukan Selamanya

Harro Harooo Harrrooo!

Howhave you guys been lately? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Or indescribeable? nyeh!

As for me, I have been doing lot of- hmm... okay la.. TONS of monolgue session everytime I drive to and from work... banyak benda yang berlegar legar dalam minda, terlalu sikit masa nak pikir, and terlalu malas nak type.. *eh?*

At times bermonolog dengan diri sendiri tu penting, sebab you need to be aware of the things that actually happen around you,. especially when things are actually involving you... Bila diri ni selalu pikir yang nasib malang, ha mula la monologue session activated.. :)

By the way, I've been doing a lot of thinking - a talking to my self session- and also solutions to the problems that are taking charge of my life right now... kenapa la dah makin besar ni makin banyak masalah? Serious, badan besar pun satu hal jugak kan? :) 

I'll be back soon with updates and ramble... hehe.. so much sorry as I just don't know what's wrong with my laziness nowadays.. menjadi jadi serigala jadian sangat! :p

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, My Long Time Hero

Hello, Salam semua :)

Despite of having a quite emo and solemn entry previously, I guess everybody could have some gist that I am currently at my difficult moment in life - but tolong ye, it's not something huge like a middle- life crisis or something yes! Hehe!

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Bapak, my Long Time Hero - a very Happy Birthday. Semoga panjang umur sentiasa! Haih, there are just no words to describe how mashh i love my Bapak :) 

This year, it's a really ordinary celebration - but of course with good food! We brought him to Nyonya Kitchen di Plaza Masalam. Wahh, sedap sampai besday boy pun terdiam dan terpana. Eh?! 

Anyway, happy birthday bapak. Sweet 17. You deserve to be happy, by all means! Hehe. Much love, from me :) 

Initially, I posted something on FB fot my dad, ingatkan dia tak nampak. Rupanya dia dapat baca jugak. Apa lagi, blushing kejap! Heheh.. Anyway, here's something that I hope it's not too late to be shared here :) 

"I can never give a perfect wish for this hero of my mom, my siblings and me. You simply rock, Bapak. Nobody can ever tell how lucky I am to be your daughter, and you never know how many numbers of people out there are envy over you as you are just who you are - a person with a huge heart that never fails to make people smile that you never even complain about anything. Even when you're angry, you simply give way to silence and time to calm yourself down. May Allah bless you always my dear Bapak. Much much love from you Dibabab daughter, Mimin :) love you always. And for all family members, thanks for making this happen. Love love love. Syukran, Ya Allah! #azizans"

P/s: i am still wondering how did he managed to read that post when he actually has no FB. Haaaaaaa. Saspen nii

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Never Easy To Be In Other's Shoes


I'm actually delaying my posting.. because i'm  not sure whether or not this could be shared here... It has been a crazy week previously, full of colours - things are no longer grey, it's combination of colours. But maybe that's what life is all about, ain't it? 

Need not for me to mention what actually has been happening to me last week - as for me, it's enough for my husband, family and close friends to know about it... but this really taught me a lesson... well, not only one, but LESSONS.. 

I learn that it's always good to prepare for worst
I learn that it's never enough sit comfortably where you are,
I learn that not everyone could accept you the way you are
                                                     (believe it or not, this is the realm world. Getting cruel day by day)
I learn that not everyone will be by your side when you're down 
I learn that not all will understand you the way you want it to be
I learn that unexpected events are to be considered as expected
I learn that sadness can never be heal by faking smiles or laughs, 
I learn that the one who empowers to feel your tears, sorrow is only you, and HIM
I learn that the one who listens to the feelings that we wish to share is HIM
I learn that I am not grateful enough - always forgetting to thank HIM
I learn that people are not the same as you are
                                                        (Never put high hope on people, do things sincerely)
I learn that to have a friend,  be a friend
I learn that to love, is to give and not to whine 
I learn that to compromise is to understand 
I learn that to be free is to let go 
I learn that to walk ahead is to move on 
I learn that after all the things you went through, you'll be stronger
I learn that HE tested you because HE loves you 
                                                       (For wanting you to be a better person)
I learn that it's never easy to be in one's shoes.... 
(Sarah Yasmin Azizan, 5/4/2014- 1306pm)