Friday, August 12, 2016

Raya 2016


Yes, orang dah masuk bulan baru, even nak masuk Raya Haji dah soon but gatal nak update pasal Raya Aidilfitri 2016.

Our theme is YELLOW. Entah kenapa encik somi kata nak warna kuning? aku layankan aje lah....

One for the record. Oh ya, ARW tu tengah emo sebab gigi nak tumbuh sekali 2. Anak orang lain salam je orang dipagi raya, tapi anak aku dengan skema nye menampor semua orang yang nak carry dia atau even cuba dekat dengan dia... And ended siapa yang perlukan simen nak ratakan muka tu? Of course Bonda and Abi dia.. hahahah :D Takpe lah anak, nasib baik la orang faham... kalau tak idok ler kamu dapat duit raya ye!

Just feel like making a COMEBACK: Kes Beranak Dolu

Salam and Hello!

Lama nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tak update anything here! I just realised that it was such a long time since I shared things here! So, baru baru ni saje terlintas nak bukak blog address ni (*kot la ada terdelete ke atas sebab owner malas and sangat kekura nak type kan*), I still receive such hits by viewers! Thank youu! 

So, Here I am.. making a comeback because I know the life that we live is only once and we need to cherish every moment in life.. :)

But before I start with updating about life and moving forward to start afresh with mah belog, I really need to make things clear about my previous birthing story okay? Since I have been receiving tons of personal emails asking me about the cost of delivery in Tropicana Medical Centre, I guess it would be fair for me to just share it here... okay? I am sorry and apologize that I am not able to reply email sorang sorang walapun some people can just say 'Ek eleh, copy je lah dari sent items and then hantor le balik".. A'ah mak cik, betul sangat... tapi that's not me.. I do think everyone deserve a good treatment kan? But again, I am sorry and I am not able to reply one by one.. but I will only share with you details here ok? 

Just to share that when I gave birth to my firstborn, it was before GST. Therefore, I can't give you any specific amount now as the best suggestion is to get the information straight from the hospital.. hehe! Don't worry, they are all very friendly and approachable ok? :) 

So during my time, the cost of normal delivery starts from RM3K and maximum is RM5K, while c-sect starts from RM5K to tak sure berapa.. but please take note that this is only for the delivery charge, ya? the nursery charge is different, tak silap i starting from RM1k. So, dari situ you guys can estimate la around berapa ye dak?

However, for the current price I am so sorry that I do not know what's the range like... hehe!

I hope this gives some ideas and estimation la berapa agak agak now ek? 

Okay then, to the viewers who are with me because of my crazy babbles, I can never thank you enough. But for those who stopped by to know the cost of my delivery. this is is the best that I can help...okay? hehe! 

Have a great day!

That's me and Dr Arifah - once upon a time :) at 36weeksbuyong