Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ssup Homie?

Olla! I have not been rumbling for quite a while isn't it? Oh well, hello readers and stalkers! I am still alive and living life to the fullest *poyo, i know! :D*

Nothing much has changed laktely aprt from the fact that i got a new job, and also i am practicing new routine in my life which is "Eat Healthily".. Haha.. Nak naik pelamin kena la korbankan favourite food semua! Nyahaha! I am in the midst of experimenting something but give me two months okay? Let say if it works baru i share.. Kalau tak, wat gapo? Malu jew!

My wedding is soon baby soon and trust me, there are a lot to do. Now, nanti i put on labels or what for my wedding preparation k?

So how is everybody? Oh if you're wondering how's mine... It is always a roller coaster! Well 'till then! Kita borak nanti k? Thanks fr stopping by!