Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The BitterSweet of 2014

Salam and hello!
I'm currently in front of my notebook, smiling and thinking about where to start.... true, some of my friends did contact me and asked me what happened to me? where have I gone missing and the 'kasar' but 'sayang' remarks like "hidup lagi ke tak tuan punya blog ni?"... hahah! yes, i'm still alive and getting lively day by day... 

2014... hmm, not just a plain number, not an ordinary year for me... this is going to be a long post... why? I shall start with things that I wish to recap throughout the journey in 2014... true enough, life is like a wheel...

My 2014 started with the beautiful celebration of my husband's birthday... he turned 26 this year and I am thankful for having supportive and loving family members around me to help me made the celebrations happened..and not to forget, his friends at his office who managed to work it out :) banyak betul celebration awak ye cik abang? Simply because I love you okay,, :D

Haffby and I on our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Love u Mucho!
Then, comes March,,, I was notified that my contract at my previous company *which I really enjoyed and had fun working and meeting new people other than gained new experience* was not to be continued... Sad, devastated and depressed - I have to admit... but thinking about motivation and words from people around me -- this is life, it has to go on and that's the cycle of life... always expect the unexpected kan? :)
This is my favourite clas- the subject, the lecturer and the people. oh btw, honored to have my lecturer as my thesis supervisor.. looking forward :D 
this #wefie will not happen if Farouuk didn't invite us to! oh yes, Farouk is our only male student in my class and he's a very capable guy. go find him, buy coffee and pray hard to be his soulmate. *wink wink!*

I felt better, thinking that there will be better opportunities await for me... and whilst I'm also furthering my masters in ESL - don't ask me why, my passion for teaching and talking are just in me,,, hehe..  So, there came June... worked with one of the colleges in Malaysia - no doubt enjoyed teaching..  BUT..... *a long, deep, SIGH*...

oh yes, before June came, there came May and we are all happy to witness a happy couple tied the knot... they are my cousin and good friend.. Alhamdulillah, after all the ups and downs that they went through, they ended those with a beautiful wedding and inshaaAllah marriage till Jannah, inshaaAllah.. i'm happy for both Emi and QissyFurbee.. :)

the cute and adorable couple. sayang ketat ketat!

Then came Ramadhan,,, at this time, I was just a few weeks working at my new workplace.. and Alhamdulillah.. I was confirmed pregnant.. and I'm beyond happy with the news and thankful that Allah heard my prayer... This is so going to be emotional... thinking about what Haffby and I need to go through for our one year and 6 months' marriage, finally our junior is going to be in our arms soon :)

Moi at 28 weeks (26 December, 2014)
Added with another happy news, QissyFurbee was too, confirmed pregnant.. so we both are officially preggers now and our due date is really close to each other,, Kuasa Allah SWT.. :)
Wrote this when I was invigilating examination @ 19, going 20 weeks of Pregnancy :)

As the days went by, we received another cute family member.. it is Muhammad Ali Zidane, the son of my brother and my sister in law.... this boy is so cute and manja,,,, now he's almost going to be 5 months and I tell ya, he can really melt your heart..comel sangat! :)
Kak Adreanna and Baby Zidane. They are adorable, kan! :D

Still, the bonding between me, Aqeef and Adreanna are also going well.. both of them are growing up too fast and with my condition right now, I can't be doing much other than entertaining them while grasping for air! hahaha! :)

When it comes to friendship, biasa la.. people come and go.. i'm no longer being so emotional and hanky panky thinking about kenapa kawan tu dah tak nak kawan dengan kita, kenapa macam aku syok sendiri and all.. to me, this is life.. Yasmin, you just have to accept the fact that people change and you change as well but you didn't notice it.. therefore, with the preference of #watlekwatpeace , i'm happier and never felt better...
The new friends that I'm glad to meet :) 
This is Elly, mommy of Elnaz, My partner in crime for EDU770A2 :D  - we can talk like forever! :D

But of course along the way, God send somebody for you to meet... as cliche as it sounded, either it's a blessing or a lesson... me? i regard both... in a way, new comers in your life are blessings in a way that there must be reason why God wants you to know her and why she needs to know you and etc... a lesson? eh come on la.. takkan la everytime cakap pasal lesson you dah senyum sinis thinking about it is satu penyesalan? heheh.. it could be a good lesson as well.. so far, Alhamdulillah.. 2014 has been pretty easy going year for me...

However, to be honest.. though personally my year has been going on okay and pretty good, to see t.. the people around me, especially in Malaysia is worrying,, the floods, the missing airplanes and so on... true enough that 2014 is a truly challenging year for us in Malaysia, but one thing for sure.. never give up praying for the miracle to happen... inshaaAllah, the year 2015 would be a better year for us all :)

Al Fatihah 

Oh yes, since this is quite long perhaps I would want to continue my so called 2015 resolution in the next post :)

Take care lovely readers, yes.. I miss you as much as you miss me *okay, perasan!* :)