Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank you le husband :)

Assalamualaikum Readers,
Today I started my morning with my husband.. We went to Pusrawi KL, just to  check what's happening with my stomach.. Yup, it has been giving me cramps on and off, but more on the right abdomen side of mine.. Well, gotta admit that I got so excited when the guinea scanned my stomach using the ultrasound thingy.. Unfortunately, nothing is yet to be seen.. And again, with another UPT, it's all negative and i'm confirmed not a preggo :) but doctor did mentioned that the reason that could affect my lower right abdomen could be an early sign of Appendicitis.. Weehuu, kind of scary isn't it? :p

Apart from that, i'm more like being a good wife to husband.. Teman dia sini sana.. Kampung Baru, Selayang.. And imagine him driving all along? And guess what happened on the evening? He definitely has a good nap, especially right after he watched a few videos on YOUtube that made him ran tears.. But, that's the sweetest part of him.. Sensitip u olls!!

Well, thank you so much for your time reading and visiting my blog. Will keep u updated more. Anyway, below are aome pictures of before and after my husband for today. Before : at the hospital. After: when he finished all the tears off and got tired driving the whole day :p 

Before --> Encouraged him to read Reader's Digest! :) 

After--> Told you! He's tired :p

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's Bake to Be Happy

Salam Readers and Stalkers,
I was so bored at home tonight that I thought I must do something.. Initially, memang plan nak buat cookies sebab orders dah bertimbun.. However, ada pulak barang dah habis and terlupa beli.. Deyy, macamana ni Yasmin?! Adohaii.. 

So, haffby suggested to bake another signature dessert of mine which is Congo Bars.. Hurm, bila pikir pikir.. Betul jugak eh? Dah lama tak bake Congo Bars.. So yeap, setelah bertempur dengan bantal dan tilam *sebenarnya I tak cari pasal pun dengan katil tu..tiba tiba je macam ada magnet.. Ngeh! Alasann je semua iniiiii..*

And yes, buat benda ni bukannya susah pun.. After all memang dah janji dengan kakak kakak opis tu nak bagi something kat diorang.. Jadi, besok depa dapat la berbuka dengan Congo Bars ni..

Hati pun happy dapat tengok sang suami mengunyah plus puji kata sedap.. Cewah, kembang setaman Tasik Perdana hidung i olls.. Haha :) Anyway, as what I have posted kat instagram, There was once someone said to me that to make one happy is to make sure that their stomach happy. And I don't have nothing against it but to add the the statement that it would be much happier and merrier if the food provided is made with love and lots of love :) 

I guess memang benda ni make sense that kalau kita nak buat orang happy, kita kena tau nak tackle dia.. Apa dia suka and what not.. And I guess if we provide good food for them, they will definitely have a happy stomach! :) 

Well, here's a picture of my Congo Bars making, and jangan terkejut.. It's always open for orders - tak kisah la apa apa occasion pun..  Kalau tak nak order, google je :) senang sangat resepi dia.. Hee! 

Therefore, kita jangan rasa macam bila kita bosan.. There's nothing to do ke apa...  Go and find something that's fun to do or make you happy.. As for me at the moment, I enjoy baking :) what's yours ayy? :) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Apa ada dengan Kesihatan diri?

Assalamualaikum wahai para readers,
Hopefully Ramadhan kali ini membawa lebih rahmat pada kita semua..and yes, I told myself to start moving on and keep trying for another baby- but not to think tooooooo much of it that i'm scared I will get upset again and again...

Anyway, coming back to this entry.. yes, what has it got to to with our health? Why is it so important? Hurm... Last time, when all of my friends were busy get going to gym, google - ing this and that for flat abs, what to be done for lean legs - there's only one thing on my mind... What the???????

At that time, I was thinking.. Am I Lame enough that I don't even care to workout? Hmm.. but not TODAY... I came across the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and the need for me to tone down.. Day by day I can see that I'm getting Huge -er, day by day.. what? the word HUGE-er sounds cute? Well it might sound cute but it's not in the reality! Hahaha!

So I must be thankful for having this new workplace of mine that provides gym facilities - so what I did before Ramadhan is that - I went to gym every lunch hour..and that stopped due to the pregnancy assumption... *sob sob*

Now that I know I still don't have the chance to be mommy yet, I have to start my workout routine again to be and stay healthy... I'm consuming Herbalife now, and I am not regretting it at all... I have to say that I was in doubt whether or not to try the product, but I never thought I keep falling in love with the product time to time...
What I'm Consuming now :) 

My aim this time around nak hilang 5 kilos by end of this year.. kalau tak hilang jugak, I will definitely punish myself with something... hehehe! Anyways anyhowS, here are some of my recent pictures that I wanna share with you since I start working out :)

Macam bebudak Pavilion kan? Depan cermin tandas pun nak berfoto bagai! :D
During 2nd Week of Work Out Session 

Feeling more positive day by day :) lalalala~

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life goes on, though it is tough

Assalamualaikum All,
It's taking me too long hibernating and away from the blog..yes reason being is that.. I THOUGHT I was pregnant... I thought la... because there are many things for sure that made me feel like one! As I went through google, there are so many pages and sites that share what your early pregnancy symptoms are, and tell me about it.. I had 70% of it with me, for the cycle this time around... Some of it are:

  1. Nausea - yeap, selalu pening that I can't even get up. Kalau bangun je mesti kepala berdenyut denyut. 
  2. Hunger Game - Ahha... yes it is, I am as hungry as a kid who has unhappy stomach... I've been "attacking" rice rice and rice when all this while, I don't really bother to even stare at rice!
  3. Cramping - If I can even name the lists of songs that have been played in my stomach, I just would... too many songs, too much hurt!
  4. Smell Sensitivity - I kind of not like some of my husband's perfume that every time he puts it on, I always have this unpleasant feeling and felt like telling him to get a new one, when last time, whatever perfume that he has, used to be my favourite!
  5. Faint - A week after missed period
  6. Faint Line Pregnancy Test - did two tests and this appeared!
    Very Faint - the day that I got my spotting - you have to really zoom to see it clearly
  7. Spotting - Well, I had spotting that lasted for 2 days only, and it seemed to appear 2 days before my period due.. which made it obvious that it's a sign of pregnancy... 
  8. Sore Boobs - Sakit... very painful that is also heavy!
  9. Lazy as a cow - Well, I was born to be a lazy person I guess.. but this time around it made it worst that it turned me to be a lazy cow that I refused to do anything at all.. I'm a one lucky wife that my husband is always there supporting me :p 
  10. Late Period - I was late... up to 13 days... and the day that I bleed, I cried like there's no tomorrow.. well, you know how things can be very frustrating... especially when that is all that you want... :(

So, don't you think you will feel the same when you're at my shoe? Before I realised that I had Chemical Pregnancy, I intended to see the doctor if i'm late for 14 days... But I guess Allah is powerful and meciful, that he wants me to save my money and time by letting me know that I wasn't pregnant.. Devastated I am, but however, I feel thankful that I at least have experienced some signs of early pregnancy...I should not give up, shouldn't I?

*I'm on the verge of breaking down and I really hope i'm tougher day by day to go through this.. Some might think it's just an early misscarriage, but I think, I deserve to have this grieving because I know how it feels to lose someone / something precious... but one thing for sure, I accept the fact that Allah knows best.. *

For those who are not sure what is chemical pregnancy, you may refer here

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadhan tiba lagi...

Rasanya sekejap je masa berlalu.. 
Setelah tertunggu - tunggu, Ramadhan muncul tiba... 

Alhamdulillah, tahun ni, kita diberi peluang untuk menyambut bulan yang penuh keberkatan, Ramadhan... Tetapi mungkin tahun ini ada sedikit perbezaan kerana al maklumlah, dah jadi isteri orang... Jadi, apa apa pun kena ikut apa suami cakap, and jika ada sebarang cadangan, kena la ada perbincangan dengan suami... baru la muafakat kan? :)

Saya ingin minta maaf jika ada tersalah kata, tersumbang langkah atau pun tersilap langkah dan juga mengucapkan semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa lebih banyak berkat pada kita semua, inshaaAllah. Semoga kita perbanyakkan ibadah, dan dekat diri dengan Allah SWT, inshaaAllah. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

You want, you do lorrr!

Assalamualaikum dear readers! 
I know it's already past midnight and here's a crazy lady who has not been sleeping yet *due to the massive sleeping hours she had earlier today so she's officially a batwoman for a night, but too bad that she has not found any city yet to make chaos or promote peace*

By the way, as usual.. If dah weekdays tu duduk dekat rumah PIL, on weekends are compulsory for me to visit my amma and appa di Shah Alam.. And yes, hari ni after Maghrib we pushed off ke sana.. *Tapi sebenarnya macam kurang gagah sebab tak sihat from semalam.. But, malas nak layan keSAYURan diri inihh*

As we arrived there, macam biasa la.. Sambil tengok upacara Tilawah kat RTM1 dengan opah semua, mula la semua orang sibuk dok tertanga breakfast makan apa besok.. Well, macam macam jawapan diberikan.. *Bayangkan.. Sebenarnya ada 5,6 orang je yang bercakap.. Tapi biasa lah ek..Manusia tu ada nafsu.. Kalau dah sorang bagi 3 cadangan, tak ke 18 menu ada? Haha..*

Jadi, idea akak yang menjadi pilihan dan ada yang terliur.. Which is Sandwich Sardin.. And yes, masa tu dah macam nak berjoget sebab dah lama gilor tak makan mama punya sandwich sardin.. Aik tetibe my mom cakap "Bestnya min.. Kalau dah letak timun, bawang.. And then perah lemon.. Fuiyyooo".. So, I pun layankan ajo lah.. Sekali????? Dia kata dia nak I pulak buat...

Mula mula macam ala ala menyesal gak.. Bukan apa babe, gua bab bab sandwich sardin ni memang fail la.. Haha *Masalahnya, tak pernah buat pun*..

Jadi, bermulalah eksperisi muka kelat kelat masam.. Dan gigihkan jugak la buat.. So, g makan n minum dengan amma and appa and haffby kat Pelita.. After that, singgah la kat KK Mart tu pastu beli barang.. 

Hasilnya ada lah kat bawah ni ye.. Jadi, morals of the story ada 2: 
A) Jangan pandai pandai buka mulut kalau tak reti nak masak semua tu.. Kan dah terkena!
B) Belajar and hentam je buat sesuatu yang baru.. Bukan apa, ni semua pengalaman.. Semua orang yang jatuh, akan cuba bangun balik.. Tak caya?? Cer kalau I tolak u dari basikal.. U nk terbaring sampai besok ke? *ok, agak kasar.. Sorry naa ;)*

Seperti yang dijanjikan, kat bawah ni gambar inti sardin sandwich k? Kau jangan nak bising sangat.. Bukan senang aku nak belajar buat ni.. Maklum la, dah hampir 25 Tahun hidup baru nak blajar buat.. Hahaha ;p 

Terima lah- Le Sardinian e Hentamian Sesukarian Hatiniann :) 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Confessions on Pregnancy: Of Instinct and Reality

Asssalamualaikum Readers! 

This time around, since I'm in the category of Trying To Conceive (TTC), mari kita mengupas topik pasal kehamilan... Of course, once you are married.. secara lahiriah akan ada instinct untuk ada anak sendiri.. I guess it's more like every girl's dream kan? 

Well, the reality is.. kita memang kena banyak usaha jika kita nak zuriat.. tapi semua ketentuan tu terletak pada tangan Allah SWT... macam dalam ayat ayat drama, kita merancang, Allah menentukan...

So, I have to admit that I'm under Syok Sendiri... yes, I tend to always read what's on Google regarding pregnancy - ye la, elok kan nak tambah pengetahuan? Tapi tu la, as I read and read, I become so obsessed towards it... You know, like waiting and counting ovulation days, pastu bila period datang.. menangis like there's no tomorrow... And of course la, bila dah menangis bagai... sang suami la kesian..dah la perangai isteri pelik pelik, pastu nak nangis bagai.. kan dah susah nak handle tu..ish ish, saya ni teruk betul :p ... hehe!

I know that to conceive is such a beautiful process, and to be a mom is just an indescribable experience that everybody wishes to have.. Tapi I realised the fact that I am so into it.. *sometimes siap nangis beria ria baca orang punya pengalaman pregnant - aku sangat dramadiva kan?*... And at the end of the day I realised the fact that, this is not helping me much but to just demotivated me... Sebab ye la, I will always hope to have the Mini Me and Haffby dalam perut.. 

I guess I learned that I have to take a chill pill and relax gitu kan? Sebab ramai orang cakap, kalau panik panik sedunia ni, memang susah sikit nak dapat.. Hurmm, the thing is.. waiting is such an unbearable agony * tengok tu... baru nak pikir positif dah pikir bebukan macam ni*! plssssss lahh Sarah Yasmin Azizan!! 

Oleh sebab itu, I made a vow to myself not to get so obses dengan all this pregnancy reading... kena ingat, kita merancang, Allah SWT menentukan.. Aminnn!!

p/s: Please doakan jugak eh  >.< 

A Little Something for Le Husband

"Yang, you dari dulu cakap nak bawak I makan romantic dinner, ni dah kahwin pun takde pun lagi"

Heh, those phrases are from le husband. Dia sangat tajam bila berbicara *tapi bini dia pun boleh tahan la*.. Well, yes I did promised him to take him somewhere special for dinner... just the two of us.. Since dia pun dah melamar I di tempat yang sangat best, I pun rasa he deserves something special.. :)

Some people require a lot of planning - that could be precise, detail atau cincai boncai je.. Tapi as for me, knowing that hafbby (Hafiz Bebby) is not an extreme cerewet, it didn't take me long to figure out what's just nice for both of us.. And yes, with Google with us.. hidup akan menjadi lebih mudah... tapi tu la kan, bila dah ada pilihan... the mudah becomes not that very mudah la.. :p

I even asked my colleagues kat office, as they are my buddy buddy kat opis.. *To Kak Fiza and Kak Pah, thank you so much for the help*.. and finally, I decided to bring him to Subak... Yeap, lepas tengok all the pictures, I finally decided it would be appropriate and cosy just for the two of us to dine kat situ...

So, bermula lah adventure kitorang... Niat di hati sang isteri nak rahsiakan... nasib baik la I managed to drive him and convince kat tempat Kota Damansara, padahal nak gerak ke Sungai Penchala..and yes, kitorang sesat... and bila part sesat tu la,, hafbby came to the rescue and kantoi sudah... hahaha! But after all, once we sampai sana, i'm thrilled to see how shocked he is... he even said that it's nothing compared to what he has imagined the place would be... member siap cakap "Yang, kalau takat nak bawak I makan Tom Yam, baik makan kat Bangi je"... tapi, percubaan untuk meng-surprise kan dia memang dah jadi dah pun! :D

As he went through the Menu, dia kata "Mahal nya", but I just told him that it's his night and he can choose anything to eat.. so, he chose the Rack Lamb * FYI, my husband loves lamb so much*.. and I just ordered Subak's Carbonara... memang sebu makan sebab it's tasty and creamy!

The Mamams 

Our dessert for that night was Tiramisu... yums, both of us enjoyed our dinner so much... And sometimes kan, bila sampai kat yang tersayang ni, please jangan berkira sangat bab harga ni.. Bila lagi kita nak blanja diorang? And yes, apa lah sangat belanja makan compared to all the sacrifices and support that he has given me? :)
Our Dessert

Hehe,, thanks sebab sudi baca sampai bawah... i ingat nak update sampai lebam, tapi nampaknya macam tak berapa nak lebam! anyway, watch out for more update! :D
Us that night 01.07.2013

Happy Guy