Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bidding Farewell to This Person

For all this while it has always been about talking, chirping, chatting and basically empty vessel.. 

This time around it is for real. Real things are happening.. It's time to say goodbye to this person, the old me..

I am not doing this for the sake of wanting to have a supermodel body, but it is because I want to stay fit.. Looking at my baby that is soon going to be toddler, it is a requirement for me to stay fit so that I am able to chase him here and there, run around with him, as well as do all the fun things with him... 

I wouldn't want to just lay around and keep yelling "no", "jangan", "eh bonda penat".. But i want it to be "okay, let's give it a try!" Or "this is cool, Raqeeb! Let's!".. 

Therefore, please pray for my journey to be worthwhile for i know that there will be ups and downs, there will be people calling you ridiculous.. But i guess my reasons would make me not to look back ;)

Another reason is that I am fighting with PCOS.. I wouldn't want to have itrefular period cycles all the time.. It just makes me feel so bloated and feeling horrible to even look at myself in the mirror thinking about it.

So, i am bidding farewell to the old me. Wish me success. I shall share my update here as well :) my aim is to lose  10kg for 10 months :)