Saturday, February 11, 2012

A thing named Update :)

I broke my promise, i know.. :)
Well, i have a lot of things to say here..
Hari ni memang best because i got the chance to meet most of my coursemates and of course, it's via WEDDING... hehe.. that's why i always have this idea that wedding is nice.. it's like an event that you can eat, you can meet friends and you can even shed tears of happiness to see people around you starting to move on to another phase in life =) *especially aku sebab being soo Dramahhh! :D*

Syira, *the bride* looked so pretty and i can never stop saying 'Congrats', 'Tahniah' and keep complimenting her as she looks so the very the gorgeous as i always know her as someone that is very down to earth and simple girl :D but not today.---> Stunning!! *Well, mom always said that it's good for girls to not go for heavy make up as once you'll see them, you'll go.. 'like???'.. * 

Well, time spent nicely with E.T and also best friend, dearest Ain.. ;D We went to Dewan Tabung Haji, Ampang----> Damansara Specialist Hospital -----> One Utama.. 

All i can say, i am blessed that i had this opportunity to spend time with them, cuz they really cheer my day yeah!! :D