Thursday, February 11, 2016

#akunakkurus: progress :)

Salam :) 

I have mentioned in my previous post that there will no longer be empty vessel.. Dah tak nak cakap je habuk pun takde kan? 

So yes, I am determined to have a healthy lifestyle.. At the moment, jumlah pengurangan berat tak banyak, tapi I can feel the difference in the shape, contour of the body.. Waist is slightly, or very slightly small.. Chin's double chins is not really round now.. Haha! 

What have i been doing? I did not cut down my rice, noodles or pasta.. No! i kena makan, kalau tak makan where to gain energy kan? :) tapi quantity tu berpada pls!

I am now practising healthy lifestyle as much as I could.. Saying no to fast food bukan mudah ye tapi percaya lah, those are the factor that hinders weight loss.. 

My best friend now is my water bottle. The least i drink daily is 2.5 litre.. Aiming for more actually as it helps to burn calories more when you workout, urinate and so on..and, i am trying very hard to cut down my sugar intake.. Huhu nightmare lah benda manis nii

Exercise routine ni lahh yang den lomah tapi kalau makan tak exercise pun tak boleh.. Jadinya at the moment I am focusing on workouts like bicycle crunches, planks, squats and lot of jumping - fun to do would be star jump! 

Next, nak cuba lari lari pulak..
Kalau tak boleh, kita jalan laju kan.. Hehe.. Who's with me? Chaiyok!! 

Happy New Year

This pretty sums up my 2015 :) 

May this 2016 be a good n better year for everyone, Aminn

Hafmynnversary 3: KL TOWER!

*lap lap habuk*

Hehe! Dah masuk bulan 2 yop, and aku masih mencapatikan janji whereby I still have not much time to update macam macam..

By the way this post is actually to just recall my 3rd wedding anniversary that we celebrated just around two weeks ago.. 

I still remember the first year encik Haffby brought me to one of the fine dining place in Bangsar.. Last year nothing much have been done sebab dua dua excited tunggu baby nak pop out.. And this year Alhamdulillah, we managed to spend a time that was full of laughters, chats and kira best lah! Sebab I do feel that we have not much time spent with each other.. Lagi lagi dia seorang yg sangat busy okay! :) 

So, this year the destination was KL Tower. Ahkak memang teruja sebab last I went there was like so many many years ago... And kali ni, I am so smazed that much things are changed now..

The Hi Tea tickets were brought via GroupOn with RM69 per pax inclusive of entrances to Blue Coral Aquarium, Atmosphere 360 Restaurant and the Observation Deck that you could view the whole KL.. Breathtaking, I tell you! 

For ARW, it is FOC sebab dia belum masuk 2 tahun lagi, and yes, we had a great time! 

The view jangan cakap la sebab memang cantik pun.. Pulak tu, the restaurant memang berpusing..Pssst: jangan tak tau, ahkak ingat dulu dia pusing laju benor.. Tapi for all you know you tak sedar pun dia berputar.. Hehe!

Makanan wise- mostly ok ok la.. Cuma tang dessert dia tu mak kecewa skit la.. I was expecting for the cakes to be gebu and fluffy, tapi most of the cakes were  dry. Jadi akak makan eskem je la. Kalau keras gak aku tak tau lahhhh nakk! 

Overall, it was a good experience.. Dengan bawak encik Haffby yang sebenornya gayat, but Alhamdulillah he pulled it through! Baby ARW pula ok ok je and behaved well.. Paling best bila bawak dia masuk aquarium tu.. Memang dia suka sebab very colourful.. Hehe! 

Not to forget, the price that we pay is inclusive cake for the anniversary *upon request ya*.. 

Jadi kalau ditanya nak pergi lagi ke idok, I wouldn't mind trying again :) 

Kot la tahun depan ada dinner lak kan! Hahahaha 

To my husband, Happy Anniversary! Lepp u long taim!