Saturday, April 21, 2012

A night with them :)

Hello hello!
It has been so kenyang for me because i just finished menjamah dan melayan nasi kambing kat Al-Rawsha at Kampung Pandan. Awesome! Kenyang tak hengat!

Blissful I am that I had such lovely time with them in my life :) In the morning, E.T brought me to One Utama to watch Wrath of The Titans. Tetibe teringat pulak cerita Hercules. Hahaha!! Ok ok la cerita dia- tapi I haven't watch Clash of The Titans pun :)

Well, I am happy enough that i have beautiful people, gorgeous people and convenient smart phone to allow me hapdeting my blog. As for now, I am still in the car- accompanying my daddy love to fetch dearest youngsters at Sentul.. Well folks, have a nice weekend!! :)

Minazizan (",)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More and more time spent wisely

Well, hello!
It has been a terrific week! I must say that the 'theme' for this week is more or less: "simplicity". Ngee!

Celebrated Mr. Azizan's 56th Birthday with a simple dinner bash :) mom cooked the famous mee hailam, i bought some satays from Samuri@Taipan and also the famous ABC from Pegaga King Dessert, Seksyen 2, Shah Alam. Apart from that, i am excited and couldn't be more thankful to have a new family member of the family who loves and deals with baking thingy.. She's my going-to-be sister in law this June.. However still, she bakes nice macarons n beautiful cakes! And yes, i believe bapak enjoyed and loved his cake very well!

Apart from that, spent much time with ET..Had a nice dinner at the Gardens with the 'music pinjam' heard from Laundry,i guess we pretty much had a good time.. Ergh, just because Rihanna is starring in The Battleship- mak pun kene seret la tengok cerita tu skali..Bahaha, memang saspens tak hengot nok!

Today, I supposed to attend schoolmate's wedding but i ended up helping my cousie from Australia to get her clothes for my bro's wedding :) jadi, mak pun teman la semua mereka :)

Alright.. This is all for now.. :) see if i could hapdet more nanti k? Tatata!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Something must be done!

Okayh, as mr E.T is being so understanding, he asked me to hang out with my mom and help her out for my bro's wedding.. Ha, pejam celik pejam celik, June is getting nearer! Well, we went to Semua House to get all the dulangan's decorations.. oh, how I wish I could snap the photo, but then again, no cameras/ photography allowed gitu... yes, it might be something to be 'geram' about but they deserve to say so as they put priceless effort to make something beautiful as those in the shop.. *dah mula dah berangan nak yang mana - tambahan encik Bapak bagi green light pulak :D*

my cousie Alia and Mom - enjoying their ABC @ Semua House
After all these dulang and hantaran deco settled, mom asked me to drive straight to our tailor in PJ... Ok, while I was driving, I always feel that something is not right.. hurmph~ anyway, as I reached there, mom wanted me to try all those baju kebaya and baju kurungs.. oh mai gad!!! something IS not miss tummy is obviously saying 'HELLO' to everybody.. this is not good!

Seriously, I need to do something... I know there are still time to do all this, but to get all this done I, myself must definitely start it by now, or by no choice - i will just have to let this tummy of mine say HELLO to everybody! Creepy!

Like now, I am stuck in front of my green Toshi and browsing around tips to hide miss tummy from saying HELLO to everyone! erk, HELP!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nino Ninooooo

Yellow everybody!
Lamanya saya tak bersiar siar disini.. :) anyway, life has been pretty much up and down...


  • I tendered my resignation early March 2012, but POOF!! Magic exists ok? :) I am currently still working with the previous company... urgh, life is dull without the kids around :)
  • I somehow to the extend has always been wanting to try something new but then again, there's always something stopping me.. Ape celop toq? 
  • Anyway, we bid our farewell to Auntie Maria as she got another job. We spent time eating fantabulous seafood near Park Royale hotel. Weehu, i loike the garlic prawn so much
  • Hew hew... well, waiting for Pn. Gomen to call me and say "Tahniah, anda berjaya untuk sesi temuduga seterusnya", namun whatever that I wish for is just a wish... hoho. I heard from some resources that there shall be no posting 'till this coming Pilihanraya..ok.. DIE! me is going to DIE! hoho 


Tekun nya ET isi borang :D
  • ET and I have just completed our wedding course -->sakit punkoq oih! duduk sikit punya lamo weekend tu... as a result, definitely i memberi ruang untuk miss punggung meluaskan kawasan jajahan.. :p
  • Siapa cakap dalam relationship takde gaduh? Well, as a matter of fact, we argue.. A WHOLE LOT... but it doesn't take us long to calm ourselves... As a normal female I guess I have the sensitivity of demanding extra attention from him.. beheeheee.. while him? He's at certain times has much more things to think about rather than to entertain this soap opera episodes that are created by moi.. :D  day by day, I learned that things have to just go rilex.. the more we Kan Chong about it, the more terrible it would be.. 
  • Yes, fight or not.. we are still strong :D I'm happy that our parents met recently to discuss the date for our solemnization.. Okay, that one is to be announced later la yuk! 

# F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Meet the loud, and crazy girl -  Furbee !
Get Well Soonest Girl :D
  • I've been missing all of them quite much... most of them have more work to do so we didn't get the chance to really see and talk chat talk chat.. rindu, how I wish I could have more time to be spent in  a day :D 
  • I felt bad that some of them called to talk to me but I end up not picking up their calls due to the wrong timing.. i pun bengong, selalu lupa nak call balik.. well, I assume that I am having these early signs of Alzheimer.. hihi! 
  • I've been praying really hard for Furbee to get well soon... I know she is in stress, hey I told all of you that being a teacher is not easy ok? It might sound easy sebab mostly think that teacher ni ngajor je..ape la sangat.. haih, nobody can really tell what are our responsibilities unless if you guys put yourself in our shoes.. ---> itupun kalau muat lah! :D 
  • I'm happy that two of my girls got engaged... and soon going to kahwin? weee...seronok! rasanya tahun naga ni ramai yg kawen ye :D

Well, that's all for now.. :) hope to pok pek more here!