Sunday, October 27, 2013

An unexpected event...

Salam and greetings you olls! 
I'm sorry for not updating any entries lately... well, as you can read the title above , it's truly something unexpected event had took place in my life.. this is going to be a long post jugak yeeee....

Recently, I have been complaining about my stomach cramps, my non stop diarrhoea and my lose of appetite... well, pergi jumpa doctor and doctor said that it's normal for me to have it as I often have this Viral Fever with me.. so therefore those symptoms mentioned above are always related to little miss Viral Fever... 

I was okay - after the meds prescribed by doctor on Sunday (20th October 2013).. so besok nya I went to work, when Haffby insisted me to just stay at home and rest... padahal I think he fairly knew that his wife is unwell.. but me, being stubborn - oh- me, nak jugak pergi kerja.. and ended up memang tak sihat.. whatever things that I viewed on that moment, it seemed to be very narrow, more on the right side... haha! and yes, the diarrhoea came again late evening... knowing that day, my parents just came back from Mekah, of course I would be super excited to have them and lupa diri la yang awak tu sakit kan! 

So, balik rumah Opah on petang Isnin tu... basically, masa tu memang dah macam takde selera gila nak makan... and due to meds effect, apa orang cakap pun kita rasa macam mimpi mimpi alam kan... macam mamai je... and again, cirit birit all the way... but, I keep my optimism in me... sebab I know that Selasa will be an amazing day for me - ada Executive Secretarial Training hokeh... siapa tak happy?

Just a short moment with them gorgeous ladies 

Now, the Training day has come la kan... Pagi tu rasa macam tak sihat, tapi gigih jugak nak pergi berkursus.. dah la bayar mahal... kena la pergi kan.. :) Well, it was at Seri Pacific Hotel.. with Dr Henry..this person is well experienced in the world of HR and has 18 books written by him.. I must say that even though I went for the course for only half a day, it's beneficial as he really explains the roles of Exec Secretary... 

Okay okay.. moving along with my story.. why did I only attend the class for half day? why not full two days? Here goes... After the Zuhur prayer on Tuesday, I had this shiver attack and it can't be stopped... menggigil gigil seluruh badan and I feel numb on my right side of the body... memang rasa macam it's gonna be the end of the world.. sempat berfikir adakah orang orang sekeliling aku maafkan aku atas semua salah silap aku kalau ini hari terakhir aku? 

Apa yang I ingat, I managed to call Kak Feza - a really good sister of mine- told her that I can't proceed with the course, knowing that I'm all shivering and wanting her to come and fetch me.. *tried calling Haffby but no answer, lagipun member jauh.. kat Cyberjaya kut*.. Not long after that, Kak Feza and Kak Pah came to rescue me and they sent me straight to KPJ Damansara.... Oh my, I'm so sorry that I can't remember how I trembled, cried and shivered the whole afternoon until they got me to the Emergency Unit.... not long after that, Haffby came to be by my side... 

After going through quite a number of procedures just to make sure what's the cause of shivering, high temperature fever and etc, doctor said that I am to be admitted due to Appendicitis.. and a minor surgery is needed to remove it away... and here comes Dr Raja Badrul - a firm and straight forward Doctor he is, informing me what are the things that are going to be done.. and he strongly suggest Laporoscopic Surgery...

Me? without asking too much and whine a lot, I just nodded and akur je la... dah sakit bagai.. but tu la... memang tak sangka yang saya salah seorang pesakit Radang Appendiks... and I am lucky enough that we managed to encounter this earlier...

The operation was on Wednesday's afternoon... and Alhamdulillah... I feel loved that the people around me have come to visit, and some of them keep calling Haffby for update... tak lupa juga kepada mereka yang mendoakan saya... Terima Kasih banyak banyak.. semoga Allah SWT memberkati kalian semua.. Aminn... 

Jadi, to those yang selalu sakit perut ke apa.. jangan jadi macam i... asyik nak merungut je bagai... try to get yourself a medical check up and see what's up... sometimes kat Klinik diorang tak boleh detect sangat.. go and have a check kat specialist okay? :) 

Okay, these are some photos untuk tatapan semua... 

p/s: Takde pulak gambar Appendic yang dipotong tu, tapi doctor ada bagi CD... mau ka tengok? I dah tengok dah... and I have to do something with my stomach sebab clearly- banyak benar lelemak.. eww! 

Jemah in Sepital 

Thanks Amaya, Cik Na and Sarah for these lovely gifts! :) 
Thank you to SIDC Clans! :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Their dreams come true.....

Salam Dear Readers. 
Hai.. nak type ni pun terketar ketar jugak ni... tak tau mana nak mula... 

Well, yesterday.. my parents got what they want .. it was one of the things in their wishlist - which is to perform Hajj... Alhamdulillah, syukur dengan rezeki yang Allah kurniakan, both Ma n Bapak berlepas ke Jeddah untuk menunaikan ibadah Haji yang dituntut dalm Rukun Islam - 5 perkara. 

Teringat masa mama bagitahu yang she's going to go there this year, masa  tu memang  rasa bersyukur and very happy for her sebab I still remember how she said to me when I insist her to perform Hajj last year:- 

"No, I guess not this year.. I want to settle things for your wedding first.. Perhaps next year after you're married would be the best time to go and I can focus more"

Thanks mom, you have been sacrificing for us a lot.. and this refers to Bapak as well... banyak sangat perngorbanan kedua Mama dan Bapak saya yang takkan cukup dibalas... Kali ni rindu rasa lain macam... I hope they are strong and they will be alright there... 

Sebagai anak, apa yang I nak is to just see them happy and live stronger. Anyway, I am wishing them have a safe flight, semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan dan semoga mendapat Haji yang mabrur, In Shaa Allah! 

"I just feel like it was only yesterday that they informed me about their invitation for Hajj trip. All i can do is to keep praying for their health and strength to fulfil what they need to do as Muslims. Dear mom and dad, please forgive me for all my wrongdoings, my weaknesses here and there not only as a daughter, but also as a human being in this world. I love you guys beyond words. May Allah’s blessing light your way, strengthen your faith and bring joy to your heart as you praise and serve Him today, tomorrow and always. Semoga dikurniakan kekuatan untuk haji mabrur, In shaa Allah."

With some of us sending them support, love and togetherness
the kids will surely miss Momma badly.. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

SC's Family Day 2013

Assalamualaikum yo Readers! 

The excitedsiastion!

Well, it has been a very interesting first year of marriage for me... everything is so first time together. Maklum la, dulu kalau ada apa apa event, mesti pergi sensorang and tak pun dengan friends, but this time around, dah ada En Suami, jadi marilah kita heret dia ke sini ke sana ke situ! gitut! 

We went to our National Zoo fir Sc's 20th Family Day (when it's the FIRST company's family day for me and for us) and theme was Safari Fiesta. Of course, kalau dah namanya Zoo Negara, ahkak mesti lah eksaited sebab the last time I went was like, ages ago... maybe 15 years back? And I think hari sabtu tu, I'm one of the excited-ness girl ever... tak caya? boleh tanya En Haffby - by the way dia pun leh tahan gak eksaitedness nya!

Seperti yang di war-warkan di drama melayu pasal Janji Melayu kan, melayu dan waktu... haruslah sekutu... haha.... actually,  we were supposed to be at the registration counter pukul 8.00, tapi biasa lah... pengantin lama ini memang lah liat nak bangun pagi on weekends... mengalahkan pemandu lori kalau tidur.. hehe! 

And the excitement begins!

As we arrived there, we met Fuad and terus dia bawak kami ke registration counter for SIDC and we started our journey in zoo negara.. *kalau la tak sedar diri, kitorang dah melompat lompat bertengkek tengkek dah! tapi nasib baik la muhasabah diri cepat :)* 

Si kuning!

Abistu kalau dah zoo, kitorang banyak tengok animals la.. And we spent most of the time with Cik Na, Sarah and also Cik Na's nieces and as well as the brilliant nephew! :D 

All in all, eksaited tahap BEN 10 punya pasal, habis kitorang tawaf dua kali round kat zoo tu.. Jadi, kitorang left the zoo at around after zuhur. And of course, hati girang gumbira sebab dapat tengok animals! Syiokk! Cumanya, I really hope that they could preserve the Zoo better in future. Sebab tengok singa pun makin kurus..awat? herbalife ka? Haih!

With the Zoo's Mascots

Haffby with Kak Ani and Hasben, as well as Cik Na
Ze Ladies! 
I'm feeding my long lost friend!
She said " thank you Mok Min!"

Beautiful giraffes! 
Believe it or not, the Malay name for these rain deers is RUSA JAWA. Okay, sumpah nak gelak sebab Santa Claus import Rusa Jawa untuk hantar presents? LOL 
Si Gajah - kawan lama ku :D 
Ingat kan Panda dah ada... rupanya coming soon. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Introducing: Props&Pop

Assalamulaikum and Good Day Everyone!

Hari ni mode hati berbunga bunga ala ala Taman Rerama kat KL tu .. tak tahu kenapa! Siap update blog dengar lagu Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun lagi okayh?

Well, for all this while, I have been searching what is actually my interest... Since those days, I have always loved unique things.. I have always adore pretty things, and of course to see people's smiles are the best moment that I could ever encountered in my life...

For those who know me, they understand that camera and I can't be seperated..Aiyoh, mind the selfie and what not la, tapi I really treasure pictures, because pictures can tell you many things that you yourself can't even imagine ye...

So, lepas borak borak dengan dearest Haffby on what I wish to do and to get serious with, he agreed to fully support me on my plans... and yes, besides cookies, I now have another business to develop, which is Photobooth... I have started my very first photo booth project (D.I.Y tau!)  for my wedding, a week before the big day! Hehe, luckily I have a good buddy to help me out with the props! Thanks AhQish!

Now, after giving it a serious and big huge thought, I have decided to come out with our very own photobooth business, and everybody... Let me introduce you to Props&Pop.. And our very first project is at the little kiddos birthday bash, last Sunday, 29th September 2013.  Here are the pictures: -

Our backdrop of the day 
Haffby and my AhQish - Tunangan kazenku :D 
Diorang yang excited kaw kaw :D 

Haffby - the happy husband of mine 
Eryne and Mira 
Knight Aqeef and Sir Farell 
Me, Auntie Rose and AhQish

Me and Haffby 

With Lil Eryne
Sir Danial and Sir Kasha 
Le Princesses
Baby Myra and Kak Nonie
Fun Fun Time
Selfie Time 
A Happy Family- thanks for the support Along!
Princess Eryne and her Queen :) 

Therefore, kepada those yang mencari a photobooth service, please don't hesitate to drop a comment here.. As I promise, good price will be given! And more more moreee themes are coming! :D and once the official page for Props&Pop is out, I'll surely let it be announced here :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Apa Ada Dengan Belog?


Well, bila boring boring dah tak tau nak Google apa, tiba tiba teringat pulak nak type nama sendiri dekat search box tu...hahaha... Bukan maksudnya nak berlagak, atau perasan famous, haha... please don't get me wrong.. It's just for fun kan! :D 

Anyway, look what I found here?

Blog lama i ols!

Tumblr i yang dah berkulat rasanya! 
Haih, geli hati betul bila jumpa benda benda ni balik... rupanya ada blog lagi sebelum ini (*walaupun sebelum ni punya blog dah pun berkubur*)... so what does that mean? Am I born to be a blogger? Cewah, teringat pulak senikata lagu LadyGaga - My Mama told When I Was young, We are born Superstars.. Kau hado? 

Ahaks.. Tapi macam I cakap in my previous post, I love to write... though I know that there's error here and there.. tapi I just love to write and share... I know the fact that tak ramai pun baca my blog *masalahnya... ado ke? Macam nan hado je!* 

But I did this all for all the people around me, tak kisah la..husband, family members, friends and those who are always with me, or even for those who have put me through all the pains.. this is just for people who are related to me... and my world. :) 

The reason is that... you never know when will you leave the world... it could be tomorrow, the next 20 years or who knows lepas entry ni dah takde lagi kan? Ini semua, luar kuasa kita.. Allah je yang tau... 

Jadi, blog ni is for those who know me, who reads my blog - and can really imagine how I talk to them, how I share and how I express.. because this is me. this is how I share, I don't mind people assuming me being diva and perasan semua.. but ohmagad, people and assumptions? can they ever be apart? 

Kiranya tak sia sia la Mama dok paksa I buat karangan "Aktiviti Saya Pada Hari Ini" for like every afternoon since I'm 4 years old, but once I'm in primary school, it had to stop because of my commitment on other homework as well... But nevertheless, I can never be more thankful as Mom and Dad has develop the interest in me... 

I find that writing is more towards expressing rather than talking.. when you talk, yes you might share but sometimes there are things are best left unspoken, but perhaps best to be nicely written kan? :)
I would strongly suggest for those who are shy, or not much confident to communicate with others, let's just encourage them to express by writing.. but of course, not to get them have their own blog, tapi wajar sangat la kalau kita belikan buku comel comel *alahai, bak datang kat Daiso... RM5 je hokeh!*, and just ask them to write any simple sentences.... and you'll see that actually that they have sooo many things to say.. Oh ya, this is referring to younger kids... :) Well, you can ask my sister... during those days that we don't talk to each other much due to age gap, I got her to write.. and it all went good.. She started to share with me so many things and yes, we develop good communication up till today.. now she's more confident to talk and share with others... 

So, jangan la rasa macam orang ada blog ni saja nak carik publisiti murahan... there's always something that people want to generally, sharing is caring.. :) jadi, ini semua bukan Poyo.. depending on your purposes.