Friday, August 30, 2013

Small Event, Huge Memories

Salam Everybody and Greetings to All :)

Last night we had a small celebration for Mom and Dad's 33rd Wedding Anniversary, as well as my first brother's 32nd Birthday! We had in total 20 of us *Don't blame the number, but here we are. There are just so many of us.The more, the merrier :)*

The venue was at Wondermama, Bangsar Village *the old OUTBACK Steakhouse*. Why here? Simply because I'm attracted to the interior, by just blog jumping to those bloggers who blog about food.. hehe,. thanks you olls! It's very helpful. :) You guys can visit these sites:

After all, it's such a lovely thing to see everybody enjoying their food as well as the good talking time filled with laughters... :) Well, my eldest brother, Abang Akram , has no idea what have we planned for him... he had been blind folded and once his eyes were open, we can tell that he is seriously in shocked!

Eventhough it's a last minute plan, I'm still thankful that we managed to pull such lovely event... and "Orang Kuat" for this event is of course my second brother, Abang Zakwan and also my Haffby :) Thanks you guys... you guys rockkkkkkkkkkaaappppakk! :D

Well, here goes some pictures for you to view. Should come here to hang out with friends, family or even go dating lor! :D

You can see this once you're in front of the entrance 

Menu :)

My Awesome Potato and Chicken Salad :) 

The Couple that is always sweet :) 

Abang Zakawan and Adreanna Aryssa 

The Meks that I Sayang :) 

The Surprisees *ado? Kalau hadiah kita kata surprises, kalau orang menerima kita panggil Suprisee? boleh? nan hado!*

Le brothers and baby Adreanna Aryssa

Siblingblings - except for Nana. She was accompanying Mama to take the car :)

Grandparents with beautiful Auntie Rose and Cute Cousin Asmara Amran :) 

Le faces of happiness. Left to Right :- Haffby, Asmara, Auntie Rose, Opah and Atuk :) 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sharing Some Love

Salam Semua!

Saje je nak berjemah lebih sikit hari ni kan.. *so that ada alasan la kalau x banyak sangat update after this sebab sekali update terus ada 2,3 posts kan?*

Okay, takde apa pun.. just nak share my wedding videos.. Hmm, before that nak ramble sikit.. Some people say that it's a waste buat video.. tapi kan, I have my personal view on this matter..  Memang la video tu mahal, but come on... Wedding is just once in a lifetime *unless if ada abang abang atau pak cik pak cik yang nak tambah cawangan..heheh... bias? I know!* Jadi, I tak rasa pun rugi untuk invest some money for the day of your life with your love...tak gitu? after all, kan best sebab u can show your whole next 7 generations on your wedding videos...

Lagi satu.. kita ni kan di dunia teknologi... dah tak perlu dah nak baring kat katil, sambil tepuk tepuk bantal and susah susah ingat kenangan berkahwin tu.. it will be more meaningful and definitely easier kalau kita save it in our SMART phones and hambek kau.. nak tengok setiap malam pun boleh?

Well, here goes... my wedding video... I truly appreciate it as this is a gift given by my second brother, his wife and his wife's family. Huhu..rasa disayangi sangat... And for the reception video, my brother did the editing. Hehe.. I'm happy.. so happy! hello? mana ada abang yang sanggup tak tidur malam sebab nak edit video kahwin adiknya yang sangat gedikdivalicious ni? :) anyway, thanks Abang Zakwan!

Oh ya, reason i'm sharing here because.. it's definitely my blog, and definitely something that I want to share with others on my happy day, as well as... nanti mana la tau if i'm no longer in the world and at that time I have kids already... diorang can visit this blog...apart of reading my stories, who knows they can also see how gedik-ly in love mak dia dengan bapak dia? :)

So, here goes! Enjoys!

Akad Nikah


SC's Two Events: I'm One Lucky Girl!

Hello Hello Everybody!
Assalamualaikum :)

Well, i've not been posting for quite some time... And here I am.. kali ni I nak ramble about the two events that took place at Securities Commission sempena Hari Raya Aidilfiri and also to celebrate our 56th Malaysian Independence....

I'm one of the luckiest person on earth, that I managed to join and attend two beautiful events of the company... It was the Seccom's Raya Open House, that was not only full of scrumptious food, but also to be able to listen to a talk given by our Iron Lady, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz... Oh my, I love the way she delivers her speech, sangat girl power hokeh? And yes, inspirational and motivational.. Kepada jejantans di luar sana --> don't mess okeh. We Malaysian ladies sangat powerfull *cewah!*
hot momma - Raja in the house :) 

Us with Datin Teh 

With the gorgeous ladies 

With Kak Fiza yang Sangat Sabar melayan keSENGALan saya :)
With Kak Pah and Kak Fiza - the business ladies yang gigih :)

With Kak Nie yang Molek . - a loving Mama :)

Some of her powerful phrases that were said during the Merdeka Leadership Series that I ingat up to now, that I wish to share with you guys:

  • "You don't tell people to get out from the comfort zone as of course people won't move from their comfort zone, but encourage them to go to a more comfortable zone, which is to try higher" - 20/8/2013 @ Merdeka Leadership Series Talk in Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Malaysia.

  • "Language is important. Kita bukan nak cakap Bahasa Inggeris sebab berlagak, but it's very important for communication. I made my staff learned English again because I am strict when it comes to Kertas Kerja, as well as I am concern about my staff's proficiency in English Language" 20/8/2013 @ Merdeka Leadership Series Talk in Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Malaysia.
  • "Jangan kerana nyamuk, kelambu dibakar"20/8/2013 @ Merdeka Leadership Series Talk in Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Malaysia.
  • "I take care of my self - from the choice of hairstyles to what I wear. I even melawa at home, not only at the office. Be presentable. Orang suka tengok orang and barang cantik" 20/8/2013 @ Merdeka Leadership Series Talk in Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Malaysia.
  • "Honesty is important towards Integrity" 20/8/2013 @ Merdeka Leadership Series Talk in Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Malaysia.
A picture with Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and SC's Chairman, Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh

Phewh.. banyak kan? Well, I believe the talk that I attended not only threw impact to me, but I guess it affected most of us who are there, especially for us in aiming for the better us with more opportunities.. :) 

Okay, the next event is of course, Merdekarama 2013 :) Oh my, I think I got so much excited compared to others sebab ala ala jiwa guru yang bersemangat tentang seni persembahan kan? cewah, over sangat statement tu.. and yes, i'm amazed with all performances... ada menyanyi, ada mendeklamasikan sajak, and ada lakonan.. wahh! And Alhamdulillah, SIDC won the first place. Sangat bangga dengan pencapaian diorang! Hehehe.. Such creative elements, as well as associated with talents who are so good with berbalas pantun and most elements of patriotisme - national anthem, facts about Merdeka and also flags. Anyway anyhow, these are all at the moment that I can share. More to come, In Shaa Allah :) 
some of the SIDC Familia 

Throughout the Merdekarama 2013 :) 

The troops are getting ready to support SIDC 

With the lovely ladies - while waiting for the event to start 

Macam macam style ado - joget inang pun hado! :p

Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pernah tak..?

first and foremost, kepada anda yang ada heart attack and also semput, I'm just going to inform that this post is mainly a long post. takde gambar bagai... so it's more towards a confession, okeh? Kalau lemah semangat... jangan dibaca... I tak kecik hati :p

Pernah tak rasa macam give up?

  • Angkat jari kelingking kalau tak pernah please? Hmm.. have you felt that apa benda korang buat semua tak kena? Apa benda yang dicakap semua pun tak guna? And even bila u diamkan diri, orang kata tak membantu.. pernah kan kan kan kann? Haih... entah la, at this very moment.. I just feel like everything I buat seems tak kena... is it about time for me to move to a more higher comfort zone? (Bak kata our Malaysian Iron Lady -Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz- "You don't tell people to get out from the comfort zone as of course people won't move from their comfort zone, but encourage them to go to a more comfortable zone, which is to try higher" - 20/8/2013 @ Merdeka Leadership Series Talk in Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Malaysia)

Pernah tak rasa macam diri korang yang paling L.O.S.E.R?
  • Berbalik kepada yang atas tu kan... macam I cakap, bila rasa macam apa benda buat semua tak kena..serta merta diri tu rasa macam tak guna dah... there goes my life.. doomed gitu.. Why am I saying this? It's just because perhaps I think I've been doing things that I shouldn't do much..such as meratap ratap persahabatan yang dah longgar, memikirkan terlalu banyak tentang kadar lemak dalam badan, and of course kerisauan melanda tentang bila la daku akan dapat anak? Haih! sendiri sudah buat masalah, sendiri tanggung la dik non.. 

Pernah tak rasa macam nak lari jauh jauh dari semua orang?
  • Ha..this is what I feel like doing now... Rasa macam nak pergi dekat bos and cakap "Bos, saya rasa saya nak cuti 2 bulan..pastu saya nak muhasabah diri".. Boleh? Of course.. boleh bla! Kengkadang, kalau la manusia ni ada sistem restore benda. I guess everybody would want to just remove some people in their life..sebab tak nak ingat pun pasal diorang.. tapi tak yah nak kejam sangat la eh! :p 

Pernah tak rasa macam tak dihargai?
  • Dalam segala benda yang korang buat, dok perah otak kemain.. tapi at the end of the day orang tu cakap Thanks pun nan hado.. macamana? Lagi lagi bila kita betungkus lumus buat semua benda.. tapi sikit pun pun orang tak aknowledge... kenapa ek? dunia hari ni memang macam tu eh concept? Selfish manjang? 

Bila difikirkan balik, I believe Allah ada sebab kenapa kita diuji kan... Nak mengamuk pun tak guna.. kena live life the best la... Macam as for me, I guess i'm too comfortable in my comfort zone.. it's time for me to get new challenges.. and pasal orang orang yang i nak hapuskan tu.. jangan la pikir I kejam sangat.. takde la sampai nak cubit, selekeh atau letak kerengga kat dalam kereta diorang kann *muahaha.. gelak kejam*.. tapi I percaya, apa yang terjadi dah pun ditentukan oleh Allah SWT kan? :) Apa pun yang berlaku, I am still me. Biar orang buat kita, jangan kta buat orang.. hokayh? 

And yes.. bila perkara macam ni jadi... takde apa lagi yang possible... banyakkan berzikir... tak perlu masa 2 bulan cuti  untuk muhasabah diri, cukup sekadar beristighfar banyak banyak, In Sha Allah, hati akan tenang sikit kan? :) 

Okay la, kan i dah cakap... post ni panjang... hehehe... sorry, jika you olls rasa tak patut.. tapi suka aku la kan.. blog aku kot :p 

Salam Aidilfitri 2013


Rasanya macam dah berketurunan tak update macam macam. Actually. there are just sooo many things to update, tapi seperti dahulu kala, alasan yang digunakan adalah...kemalasan melampau! 

Anyway, I hope it's not too late for me to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf la kalau ada yang benda benda you olls baca tu yang buat you olls sentap dan menyentap... Diriku hanya lah insan yang tersangat biasa dengan size yang luar biasa.. oops!

Well, reason being that I didn't update much is that I just feel like it's best for me to observe dulu... And apart from that, kalau tengah emosi kan.. macam macam boleh ada dalam otak.. kalau ikutkan, nak berkungfu dengan kucing pun ado, kan? :D 

Ok la. not to waste any more of the merepekness.. anyway, tahun ni.. Aidilfitri is different compared to last year... hew hew hew.. Saya beraya dengan Haffby's family in Putrajaya... Seronok sebab adik beradik MIL semua turun dari Melaka and Johor.. and the cooking session went crazy sebab rumah tu walaupun dah pukul 2.00 pagi, tapi riuh macam pukul 2.00 ptg.. Alhamdulillah, it all went well.. and best la... I'm the type of person yang suka gather reramai sebab riuh rendah... bila the more, baru la the merrier... tak gitu? 

Started the first Raya by going for the Eid Prayer di Masjid Besi... and then lepas solat Raya, kitorang g beraya terus ke rumah best friend FIL... fuiyyoo, memang bosaw rumah dia... hehe! after that, balik rumah PIL, and tukar baju and melaram sakan la... kata ada photo shoot kan! 

Tapi yang kurang enak tu, naik je Raya kedua... i've been having diarrhoea yang sangat teruk tak terkata... Haffby has been laughing at me sebab dia kata gila power... sikit sikit g toilet.. pastu dia nakkkkk jugak bawak I g ebraya kat Johor, padahal sang isteri dah separuh nyawa dah berperang dengan sakit perut and also the Cherry Berry.. *aww, manja nya bunyi ---> SANGAT!*

Demi suami and semangat berkobaw kobaw nak balik kampung, den gigihkan diri juga.. pergi jugak ke Johor, dengan risiko - Haffby needs to stop when I signal him to stop for the loo.. hahaha, nasib la kau jang! :D 

Oh ya, before we were off to Muar, kami ke Senawang... Merisik untuk saudara nya Haffby.. ok, dah terasa ke makcik - makcik -an kat situ :D 

Balik je dari Batu Pahat the next day, *dengan jam tak hengat dari Linggi ke Putrajaya yang menjadikan perjalanan yang sepatutnya 2 jam je ke 3 jam sotongah*, I ajak Haffby g beraya kat rumah my mom's auntie in USJ.. So, beramai ramai la g :) and of course gambar raya belah family i! :D Tapi ada something yang nak dikongsi di sebalik gambo gambo ni... scroll je la sampai puas, pastu baca apa yang nak dikongsi sebalik gambar ya :D 
Mi Familia - Tahun ni Tambah lagi Sorang menantu :) 

Free Style sangat - Ada mak jemah, ada yang dibelasah 

One Happy Family 

Dengan Haffby - nampak tak? Muka tak bermaya

p/s: Okay.. what i'm about to share is pasal sesi fotografi kitorang.. bayangkan, dalam banyak banyak hari... hari ni la hari yang semua tak bawak camera canggih dunia... last last pakai camera digital mama yang beli 5 tahun lepas je you olls! yang penting --> MELETOP!