Monday, January 30, 2012

Of Needing and Craving..

Most of us might not be aware of things that we crave for and things that we need in our life...

As for most of us, i can say that we don't really appreciate what we have until it's gone..maybe it's due to the greediness in each and everyone of us.. Miahahah :)

It's common that we always want more than what we have without realising the fact that god has fated things for us.. :)

I, myself have always been having this contemplated feelings that i always got confused with the things that i shall be prioritised..

Well, as a start, we shall begin with having the pen n the paper- so that things are more organised as no matter how smart we are, we are just human and we tend to forget things around us, isn't that so? :)

So,let's just not wait for the difference.. Make the differences and you'll be amazed that slowly, you will get the chance to know how to differentiate things that you want, or things that you need- like super duper reallllyyyyy need ;)

Well, 'till my next entry.. Challlooo!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have You..Ever?

I have no idea of what i am feeling right now.. i probably won't be able to sleep well tonight or maybe tomorrow night as well due to this nervous feeling that i've been keeping deep within me... Omaigad! i may look like i'm cool from the outside, but seriously, there are tons of butterflies - be it from the great grandmother of butterfly, to my generation of butterfly.. oh Allah, please help me to ovecome this nervous feelings of mine.. and i really hope i shall be at ease.. huwaaa!! saya tak suka ini feelings! more curiousity and more conscious will i be!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chilling Saja

E.t decided to go out for a date with me tonight and after Maghrib prayer, we set off to The Curve.. Had a really quick dinner at Secret Recipe and we chose to watch Bujang Terlajak *i know,right?* and and anddd, i am so happy to see one of my girls who was busy snapping her *alamak-tak-tahu-la-boyfriend-ke-tak*'s pictures.. Beeheee.. Nanti ada gambar kat bawah :)

Maybe it's one if the earliest shows that we can get through out the night.. Ye la, i tak nak la if my mom gets angry with me kan.. :) so, ya! I must say that the story was a bit of a cliche that i may predict what's next n blablablablalala :) *As what E.T said, i can be one of the film director in this country as mostly, 60% of what i predicted were more on the CORRECT sides.. Bahahaha*

Came home quite late, but ta, he's there to spend some time with me completing such forms :)

P/s: i don't need a rich man or a fancy car to make my day, just a smile and sincerity of spending quality time with me would have made me the luckiest girl in the world :)


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year n Happy Holiday!!

I would love to take this opportunity to wish those who are celebrating a very Happy Chinese New Year and may this year brings you a more prosperious life of health, wealth and happiness! Weehu, to all the dragons out there- this is our year baby!!! And for those who are not celebrating, take this time to wish your friends and also to spend quality time with the loved ones around you...

isn't it nice to be surrounded by people that you wish to be around you during holiday especially? LOL! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Engagement Day :)

I am blessed with all and each of them who are involved in this special day of mine, and him :) Alhamdulillah, we are one step closer to a new start of something else. But then, though it sounds 'One Step Closer', i believe that there are many things that we are ought to go through and my parents always said that 'Patience and Honest' are the keys :)

It was supposed to be a small one but due to the meriahNESS of family members and friends, it turned out to be something that is huge and i appreciate every help from everyone.. :) I must say that E.T (encik tunang :p) felt the same way too as he was shocked to see that there are canopies and friends who came to support and motivate.. one word: Blessed! :)

Well, here are some pix for you to view and yes, for those who felt upset that i didn't inform earlier, i apologised.. i promise that on my big day, everybody shall be invited :)

Friends Who Came :)

The Girls :)
Friends Forever :)

Cik Farae dari Banting. Thank you so much friend :)

Just a Friendly Warning LOL

The one who is always here with me :) Mama 

E.T's mom and auntie :)

She will always be my twin :)

Another Crazy Shot of us :D


My Encik Tunang :D


As it continues...

Hello there..
It's been too long since i last nagging here.. i've been busy coping up with things around me though :) anyway, things are more or less different as it used to be. As for now, i am in relationship and i am engaged to the one that has been through with me through all the ups and down since 5 years ago *though we broke up for a year, i can never deny that he stole my heart and he still does that :)*

I'm looking forward for my future realising the fact that i'm getting older, not younger and not to be mentioned 'FATTER' as well that i need to work on something.. :) Alhamdulillah, things were great as my family members and friends are always here to support this gedikness of mine...

:) Okay, since this is my first entry after for so many months, i guess i'm gonna soon update my blog often :) keep it going guys~! :)

minazizan :)