Sunday, October 9, 2011

#4: Cooking is just not my Thing :)

I am awaken by the sound my beloved mama's voice yelling 'YASMIN, NAJIHAH, PUTERI, i want the three of you to cook today.. Udang, ayam n sayur'

Gulppp.. I was like.. Uwaaaaaa!! Tak nak tak nak tak nakkk... But thinking about the situation that i will still have to cook, i wake up and riseeeee LOL :)

With much help from the girls, we managed to prepare three dishes and wallaaa... It didn't turn out to be something extra vaganza but at least it is not that bad :D

And then.. Since nanai has been asking or BEGging me for the caramel, i decided to make one ;)

Hee.. Though cooking is just not my kind of favourite thing, i guess i have to do it too for the sake of my future.. Thanks mom :) love ya!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

#3: A date with boyfie :)

I have been eager to type tons of things here but my eyes are definitely half open and it's a miracle how could i bear the 'sleepiness' of me witj tapping on this screen to update more about my Saturday :)

Initially we were supposed to get my new ATM card as i forgot where i put it.. *urghh!!! Mind the aging process* so, with confident happiness we went there and pooofff! With a 'toya tempoyak' face, that person said 'Oh, kitorang tutup pukul satu tadi'.. One word: FRUSTRATION there ladies n gentleman..

Butt.. According to encik boyfie, he said that it's actually a good thing as i managed to control my finance.. Weee, thank god i have u encik boyfieee :)

Much interesting things that we did such as got to know the details of the camera that i really want but ended up imitating the guy's slang n actions, watched The Three Musketeers which made him and i fall for this movie due to the very awesome outfit, eat n about :)

All i can say.. I am blessed with whag i have now and alhamdulillah for an awesome first Saturday of October 2011 :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

#2: My iPhone has Blogger

See.. With the great technology i would definitely enjoy the privilege to update my blog easily :)

Just Min :)

#1 : Welcome to Me :)

Hello, Salam and Welcome!
I'm back from rejuvenating and hibernating or shall i say a great deal of meditation. I WAS down with all those sickening things happened to me, but thanks to those things as without them, i would definitely not learn to be a stronger person than before...

Yeah, i had a blog before, well i still have it now...but then again, i decided to just bid farewell to my previous blog as i guess i need more air and space to write and express new things... Well, situation is different... not much, a bit though...

I, however never regret the changes but more towards being thankful towards the changes and the rest..let time lead the way :)