Friday, November 8, 2013

Au Revoir Kak Yati..

As i'm actually supposed to be updating this blog earlier this morning, there's this mellow and solemn feeling that i'm into now.. I have known Kak Yati approximately just 5 months plus,but the bond that we have between us is more than Manager - Employee, Colleagues but it's more towards sisters...

Knowing her, she's one tough cookie with brilliant brain... It is obvious that I managed to chat with her about things that had happened here in my workplace *even when those days when I haven't joined here yet*, it showed how much passion and effort she had put for when realising any agendas...

But I guess this is just life... the way it should be right? People come and go, but only memories stay.. I must say that yesterday's afternoon was just an afternoon that I can never forget... first, they caught me by surprise with a very sweet surprise belated birthday celebration. Then, there came the farewell..

For an individual who has been giving services for 13 noble years, I bet it's not easy for her to bid farewell..
Definitely, life must go on, but here I am.. the memories of me and this lovely sister of mine won't vanished just like that.. best wishes to you kak Ti..

Thank you for everything :)

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