Monday, November 25, 2013

Salam Anniversary to PIL

Salam Semua!
How was your weekend?
I really hope that everything went well for you guys , well at least there must be a single thing that makes you smile when you come to think of it kan? :)

Anyway, mine was alright.. time was fairly spent for both family... We had late lunch with my PIL and also BIL... After a cosy mini "bbq" session made by Haffby, we head to Red Wok at Bangi..

What's the occasion ya? Hehe, it was my parents in law's 28th Wedding Anniversary... So, Abah decided to take us out for late lunch.. Dah kata semua orang pun lapar kan, jadi semua orang pun makan dengan happy and jaya nya!

The Restaurant 

The Menu

Thinking what to order.. hehe

Finalising Decission.. :) 

OMG.. these happy kids!

To Both Mama and Abah, 
We wish you Happy 28th Anniversary and May more happiness and lovely years to come for both of you.. May Allah bless both of you 'till Jannah, InshaaAllah! :) 

The Love Birds

May Allah Bless both of you 'till Jannah, inshaaAllah

p/s: thank you Abah n Mama for the delicious and lazatness food! :D and to dearly adik mamat, we wished you were there! nanti kita repeat okeh?

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