Friday, May 11, 2018

Please Know...

Dear Boys,
At present, both of you are in your dreamland... Raqeeb, you might be in your dreamland thinking about saving the world with either being a Spiderman or Venom, and Adik, probably you are in your dreamland full of yummy food, especially nasi and ice cream to accompany you till your next feed.. :)

I have just settled with my thesis amendment... and here I am sleepy, but hands are too itchy to be sharing stuffs here... hence, this came out instantly and i thought, why not share it here?

Please Know... 
To my boys,  
I know that sometimes I had to neglect your cries. 
I know that there are times that I had to Say NO despite of your tears running down your cheek, 
I know that most of the times you boys were just doing things what other kids do -->To have the parents attention, 
Please know that one thing for sure, I wake up every day to give my very best for you :D

Wildan and Wafiy, 
There are days that we laughed so hard, 
There are moments of testing you and testing I, 
There are times that I threatened you to call the police and play fake police siren from youtube, 
There are times that I said enough and stop Adik from eating when his mouth is full of food yet he still insists as if there is no tomorrow, 
Please know that deep inside, I love you both and these moments are the ones that your dad and I will cherish forever and for always :)

Wildan and Wafiy, 
You'll play together, 
You'll cry together, 
You'll laugh together. 
You'll be the best of friends always, 
Please know that nothing is happier  for me and Abi other than to know that both of you have each other's back to lean, to cry, to laugh and to support each other 

Wildan and Wafiy,
One is 3, One is 1,
Such long journey to go, 
More memories are to be created, 
Please know that I am so ever thankful for both of you to be sent as a gift by Allah :) 


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