Monday, December 12, 2011

Okay. This is..

This is surely something that i would do if i have some free time.. So you see, things are not getting worse or even better but i guess i am slowly following the flow of my life.. Or what all the old folks might say: Come What May :)

Huuu well, updating blog using my mobile might be something new for me.. But i guess this is an advgnage for me to just scribble n doodle on things about life :)

As mentioned earlier, nothing gets to
me particularly but all i can say that mr boyfie has decided to bring our relationship to shall i say a sERious-er stage next year.. Nervous i am..

But not that you know how much this means to me :) i guess it would make many girls happy right when the person they love want to carry their relationship to the next level? :)

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